TRYJustice is a transdisciplinary network of academics and practitioners from a range of backgrounds, with the common goals of reducing the number of children who come into contact with the law, and improving life outcomes for those who do.

We formed in 2021, in recognition of the fact that siloed working in this field creates barriers to changing policy and practice. Our growing network comprises academics from 9 different universities, from different disciplinary backgrounds including psychology, education, law, sociology, and criminology. Transdisciplinarity is defined by the inclusion of non-academic stakeholders in the process of knowledge production, and our network includes practitioners from alternative provision, and secure school settings.

We are the first transdisciplinary network in this field, and we aim to identify effective methods of transdisciplinary working in social sciences as part of our knowledge production process.

Our Problem Statement

Children who offend live in complex situations that provide fertile conditions for them coming into conflict with the law. How can an integrated understanding of those conditions across academia, policy, and practice lead to fostering positive outcomes for children and their families?


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